Is your email newsletter template reader friendly?

Here’s a 5-point checklist to use when reviewing your finished newsletter templates:

  1. The design is clean and allows the eye to easily navigate through your content
  2. The preview pane space is maximised to draw the reader into the rest of the newsletter
  3. The design is consistent in the company branding, and look/feel of your website
  4. It is designed for images off, but allows for careful use of images that add rather than detract from the reader’s experience **
  5. Inserted content will be easy to skim – using short paragraphs, bullet points and white space

** When you include images in an issue:

Avoid using one big image – This can result in one big empty email when the images are off!

Make use of the pre-text link – Always include a link above the body of the email that clicks through to an online version of the email. If people are online and click this link, they’ll automatically see all text AND images.

Describe the image – Include descriptions of any pictures featured. This frees your newsletter from being dependent on the photo to paint the picture. It also lets readers know what they’re missing and might get them to turn images on.

Don’t embed or attach images – This will create delivery issues – at both ISP and gateway level. Instead, have them hosted on your server, or with your email service provider.

Fill in the alt tag – This refers to the alternative text field in your image tags. In some software this text will appear where images are turned off.

Create a meaningful file name – Some software shows the image file name if images are suppressed. For example, instead of Image1.jpg, use OurProductName.jpg

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