Why you should put videos in your emails

In this digital age, giving people a choice in how to engage with your content is very important. While the written word will always be at the core of content provision – you need to think beyond the written word.

Add videos into the content mix

Our customers are having tremendous success with videos in email. The content of the videos varies greatly, but most often it is being used to provide insight into products and services, educate on a specific topic, or is a recording of an event or webinar. Videos can extend the reach of a message. For example a CEO speaks at a Town hall meeting in a specific location to a finite number of employees; but by recording that message and including it in email communications the message now reaches every single employee.

Need to hear more compelling reasons to include videos in your email?

  • 75% of executives watch work-related videos (Marketo)
  • Video in Email Boosts Click-Thru Rates 2-3x  (MarketingVOX)

Putting videos directly into your newsletters and flyers – including the cover page

One of the main challenges that you will face when embedding media in email is that email clients will not play a video within the inbox and not only will it not play the video but the video will not render in the inbox and the subscriber will simply see a blank space where the video should be.  Even though the subscriber will not be able to play the video from within the inbox users will still want their subscribers to click to view a video from within the inbox.

Newsweaver functionality available for embedding videos from Youtube or Vimeo will allow you to easily get around this limitation.  When you use this functionality the system will automatically create a still image from a frame of the video you are embedding and place this on the cover page of the newsletter so that this is what appears in the inbox.  The image that is created has a play button placed on it automatically so when the subscriber sees this in their inbox it gives the impression that the video can be played from within the email.

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