What’s meant by the term bulk email?

A meme is an idea or image that captures people’s attention and gets shared around the internet. There’s one going around right now that involves describing  ‘what people think I do’…  It has been adopted for a variety of interests and business… This Email Marketing one caught my eye – of course – and made me smile. Though I was not surprised to see the word spam appear in “what society thinks I do”…

So with this accusation of spam in the back of my mind, I was talking to the marketing team here about ideas for blog posts. I asked for a list of popular search terms to spark my creative juices. I was amazed to learn that the most-searched word per month is the term bulk email. As a longtime practitioner of email marketing, with a firm foot in the best practice camp, the phrase ‘bulk email’ means the same as spammer to me!

Marketers should strive to go from bulk email (or broadcast email) – to personalized.

The term ‘bulk folder’ is a reference to the folder many email clients send messages that appear to be from spammers or contain spam. (Check out the email experience council’s glossary). The phrase ‘bulk email’ is a perfectly legitimate method marketers use to describe the sending of broadcast emails – the same email to all on the subscriber list. It’s how many marketers communicate with customers and prospects.

To readers who may be looking for a solution for their email marketing campaigns,  I’d like to remind you about email’s amazing ability to be personal. This is the direction you should strive for in your email marketing. The fact that you are communicating with your customers and prospects puts you far ahead of many of your peers, but the next step in accelerating your results is to reach beyond bulk or batch – and review your data to find where you can personalize. I recently covered easy personalization tips in the business of email newsletter.

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