What is considered valuable newsletter content by your readers?

I’ve just published the latest issue of the business of email – and it’s all about content. I’ve chosen that topic because great content is an essential ingredient in successful email marketing.

What makes great content? In the most recent Email Newsletter Usability report by Nielsen Norman Group, the following content types were identified as of most value to a subscriber (both B2B/B2C):

  • Informative and keep users up-to-date (mentioned by 63% of respondents).
  • Offers timely information
  • Provides work-related news or company actions (mentioned by 63% of respondents)
  • Offers reports, prices, sales
  • Gives interesting content relating to their personal interests, hobbies
  • Gives details and easy-to-do action points on events, deadlines, important dates
  • Requires no further action beyond a simple click

This is not a huge revelation – people receiving information they have requested by subscribing are going to be interested in your products and/or services to begin with… BUT what you provide about the products and/or services will be essential.

These types of content listed above should prompt you to dig deeper into your content war chest to ensure you are pulling in and generating content from all the sources of information available to you. For example: internally generated, on your website or on your blog. Don’t forget to use written content AND visual content (eg video, pictures) and audio content (eg podcasts, webinars).

I’d also like to point out that people want things to be easy – so make sure you provide simple action points in your newsletter, and that the design of your newsletter makes it easy to navigate.

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