Use business intelligence to segment your emails

There are three types of business intelligence you can collect from email marketing: Existing (what you have already on the subscriber), collected (what subscribers provide, as in sign up forms) and generated (metrics resulting from your email sends). I’m going to do a series of these posts, highlighting an example for each of  three.

Today’s example is how Eagle Safety generated business intelligence from a newsletter mailing, and used the click metrics to send a flyer that increase registration to an upcoming event they were running.

Eagle Safety mentioned an upcoming Paediatric Course in the newsletter, and linked the mention to the registration page for the event.  After sending the newsletter, they reviewed the metrics. They isolated the clicks for the registration article, and then segmented the subscribers who had clicked on the registration page link, but did not register.

The company then created a reminder email flyer that included information about the course and link for registration – and sent it to the segmented list. This very targeted mailing immediately increased registrations by 23%.

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