Use APIs to sync your customer database with Newsweaver

Did you know that you can streamline your processes within your email marketing using an API? This includes managing your database, subscriber activity, content synchronisation – as well as the creation and sending of your emails.

An API, which stands for “application programming interface,” enables your developers to create software that shares data between your internal systems and Newsweaver. Structured Credit Investors (SCI) have made excellent use of this interface. Internal systems can include CRM, email servers, marketing databases and websites.  By utilising our API your IT department can automate what can often be labour-intensive processes and take the pain and potential for inaccuracy out of processes that you currently run manually. (Newsweaver does not charge any additional fees for access to our API, contact your Account Manager for further details.)

As with any API, how you use it will depend on your business needs.  Your options are unlimited.  The functionality available via the API can be grouped under four main headings as follows:

1.  Subscriber Management

Using the Newsweaver API you can synchronise your existing customer databases into our system, removing the need to constantly import and export updated lists.  This ensures that your customer information is always up to date and consistent across all your contact points, giving you one true view of your customers.  You will be able to create and update your customer profiles, leading to more targeted and accurate email marketing campaigns.

2.  Subscriber Activity

With the newest version of our API, you can build on one true view of your customers across your organisation.  You can also feed into your internal CRM system all activities associated with your subscribers.  Get a real time view on what and how your customers are interacting with each email campaign, all from one system.

Depending on the level of detail you want on your subscribers, you can use the API as follows:

  • Subscriber Activity for an Individual
    Via the API you now have the ability to retrieve all activities associated with each email communication for individual subscribers.  You can use this functionality to create a complete subscriber view from your CRM system.  This means that up to date information on what each customer acted upon (eg opened, read, shared) within your email marketing campaign can be viewed by subscriber at any point in time across your organisation.
  • Subscriber Activity Feed by Action
    If you are not interested in detailed individual activity, but would like to know when a group performed a certain activity, you now have the ability to extract a feed of all subscriber activity via the API and store this information in your CRM system directly.  For example, all subscriber activity on a specific link can be feed into your CRM or SFA system so sales/support can follow up.
  • Reporting Overview
    Using the API you now have the ability to retrieve any of the details shown on the Newsweaver reports dashboard and integrate it into any internal system, such as an intranet dashboard, where you can monitor the mailing progress without needing to login to Newsweaver.

3.  Content Synchronisation

Do you find that you are constantly updating or publishing the same content through a number of different channels?  With Newsweaver’s API you can now push or pull content to/from other systems.  You can, for example, pull content from a newsletter and publish this information to your website content management system automatically, saving you time and effort and ensuring consistent messages across all your marketing channels.

4.  Creating and Sending Emails

The API allows you the flexibility of using your internal systems to input content, which is then added to the email template and sent out using Newsweaver.  This is very helpful for companies that need to send large quantities of alert type emails throughout the day, or do regular simple batch sends of timely information.  You can also create issues, add articles and even send an issue directly from your own internal systems, all of which can be done without logging into Newsweaver.

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