Tomorrow’s world in today’s inbox

I’m speaking at the CIPR’s Internal Communication Conference in London on Wednesday the 7th of November – talking about ‘Tomorrow’s world in today’s inbox’.

What do I mean by ‘tomorrow’? It’s a reflection on how quickly the digital world is evolving and changing the way we engage with information and content. Probably the biggest impact is we now expect immediacy. We expect to be able to quickly scan information and decide what we want (and don’t want). We like to choose how we’re going to consume content – read it, listen to it or watch it. And, we want to be able to easily comment on what we’ve consumed – as well as share it with others.

Email is and remains a powerful communication channel. You probably already know that it’s immediate and measurable.  But you may not realise how easy it is to bring tomorrow’s world into today’s inbox. Emails can deliver the same experience we expect to find everywhere in the world today. They can be designed to be scannable, offer dynamic choice, include rich media and facilitate immediate two-way conversations. Plus, you can integrate your other communications channels into the emails you send.

I’ll be providing more insight into this concept – including ideas, tips and examples on how to create engaging, interactive internal email communications.

See you there!

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