The Send process has been updated

Based on feedback from our customers and how they use our email newsletter software, Newsweaver has updated the Send Process, making the job of testing, reviewing and sending your email even easier. We decided to change the Send functionality because customers repeatedly told us that testing emails and getting feedback and input from others is one of the biggest challenges they face before sending, and we wanted to make it easier to do these tasks in Newsweaver.

The new Send Interface has has 3 key areas:

1) Quick Test  – Allows you to send a test email to yourself or a colleague. It’s as simple as entering an email address. The new wizard eliminates the chances of making mistakes here.

2) Test and Review – Often, one of the biggest challenges before sending an email newsletter is getting feedback and approval from colleagues. If there are a lot of people involved, this task can become complex and time consuming. This is why we have developed the ‘Test & Review’ functionality, which is at the heart of the new Send tab. If feedback and sign off is part of your send process, this new functionality will make this process much quicker and easier  – colleagues will be able to give you direct feedback and approval.

3) Send to Subscribers– Once you’ve gathered feedback, tested your email and you’re ready to send to your active subscribers, the  wizard will take you seamlessly through this final part of the send process. You can A/B split test your subject lines to increase open rates, and easily post your email content to your social sites with new 1-click social sharing. 

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