Ten ideas for building your lead generation list

I’ve covered this before – but I’m asked so often about it, I’m visiting this subject again…

Ideas for building that most valuable of assets to a company with lead generation goals: The in-house mailing list.

  1. Offer incentives such as a white-paper for download, a money-off voucher or such.
  2. Remind them to “forward to a friend”. Sixty-five percent of newsletter subscribers take it upon themselves to do this (and it is a powerful referral), but it doesn’t hurt to invite them to do this.
  3. When you advertise offline or online, include a shortened link to sign up or email address to sign up to the newsletter – both should be easy to remember so they can do it after seeing the ad.
  4. Events: Webinars, trade shows or conventions – take time to ask attendees’ to sign up to your newsletter.
  5. Take advantage of networking. If it’s an in-person event, ask new contacts for  permission to opt them into your newsletter. For online networking, such as discussion forums and LinkedIn, embed information in your created profile for that outlet.
  6. Include a link to the newsletter in your email signature file.
  7. Include a link to the newsletter in your business card.
  8. Post your newsletter on your social networks – there’s a good chance you are reaching people who are not subscribers, and it’s an opportunity to get new sign ups.
  9. Give your readers the tools to share your newsletter to their own social networks – again reaching potential new subscribers.
  10. Provide an opt-in form for your newsletter. Make sure it’s featured prominently on your website, and as a permanent link in your newsletter design – as well as on your social networks.

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