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Why you should put videos in your emails

In this digital age, giving people a choice in how to engage with your content is very important. While the written word will always be at the core of content provision – you need to think beyond the written word. Add videos into the content mix Our customers are having tremendous success with videos in

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Two webinars now available for watching on-demand

Two webinars I recently conducted – now available for watching on-demand:   Newsweaver webinar on best practice tips on creating email designs, A general webinar, presented on content strategy for newsletters at the first virtual International Email Marketing Summit.   

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Plan for images off in your emails …

In today’s inbox it’s quite possible that your email will be viewed with images off. As you can see by the image above, if you haven’t thought about how images are used in an email, it can mean your message is not seen – nor is the call to action visible. But, rather than panic

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