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How your local newsagent can provide subject line ideas…

The print world has made a high art of selling issues. Newspaper and magazine editorial teams know exactly how to entice us to pick up a copy …  They know all about screaming headlines, tapping into our curiosity – and touching our keen interest in a subject matter. Have you ever purchased a publication because

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The best subject lines?

Let’s take a look at the subject line of your emails – and ways to increase your opens and clicks by making a few changes to your subject lines. First things first: Your from field First, I want to emphasise the important job your from field plays in getting opened and clicked. It needs to

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The impact of highlighting content in your subject line

I am currently putting together a trending report for one of our customers. They publish a monthly newsletter that is sent to the members of their association. In trending across 5 issues, I matched up the subject lines – all included a title of one of the articles within the newsletter – with the overall

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Why using ALL CAPS in a subject line is a bad idea

I’ve just finished reading Debbie Weil’s The Corporate Blogging Book. It’s fantastic! She really got my creative juices flowing and gave me loads of ideas about blogging … I’ll post my thoughts and highlights from the book soon. Right now I want to mention this most interesting little nugget of a stat that I gleaned

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