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Designs we ❤: The Bond Buzz Newsletter

“What I love most about the new BOND Buzz design is the flexibility;Bond can now create four very different style newsletters from one template.”   “Our customer, Bond Adapt, felt ”The BOND Buzz’ existing design was in need of a general update, which included refreshing the layout, and updating the look and feel to tie

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Designs we ❤: Map Matters Newsletter

“Rob from really wanted a fresh and modern take on their brand. Their old newsletter was crammed full of great content, but the layout was making it difficult to read. My chief aim was to design a newsletter that was clutter-free, easy to scan and well structured – with a unique and modern identity

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Use business intelligence to segment your emails

There are three types of business intelligence you can collect from email marketing: Existing (what you have already on the subscriber), collected (what subscribers provide, as in sign up forms) and generated (metrics resulting from your email sends). I’m going to do a series of these posts, highlighting an example for each of  three.   Today’s

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Offline newspapers reach out through email… smart!

In this week’s Brand Republic I read that the New York Times has launched a daily “Urbanite” email newsletter. Promoted as a companion piece to the NY Times. I’ve signed up for it here. It was sooo easy to sign up – smart of them. I know years ago the sign up process to access

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