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Score Your Internal Communication Goals

Score your Internal Communications Goals

Data analysis can provide professionals in many walks of life, from sports to communications, with insights into their performance. However, without a focus on the bigger picture (your internal communication goals) the data may not be providing useful information. The English Premiership has returned for its nine month carousel of craziness, with the usual fanfare, hyperbole, razzamatazz

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What is the best day to send your email marketing?

What is the most asked question in email marketing? Without a doubt it is – what’s the best day to send? If you wonder about best day/time for your own email marketing campaigns, you’ll find this new MarketingSherpa chart on send effectiveness by day of the week to be very interesting. Here are a few

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Email metrics, measurements and trends

You’ve probably heard how email is so measurable. And if you’re reading this, you are most likely already taking advantage of that ability.  But are you taking full advantage of every aspect – and depth – of this trackability? Yes, there are overview metrics, such as opens and clicks; but there is significant business intelligence

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Use business intelligence to segment your emails

There are three types of business intelligence you can collect from email marketing: Existing (what you have already on the subscriber), collected (what subscribers provide, as in sign up forms) and generated (metrics resulting from your email sends). I’m going to do a series of these posts, highlighting an example for each of  three.   Today’s

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Shared emails can increase click-throughs by 50%

A recent study reported by OurSocialTimes.com found that the sharing of an email message on Facebook provides an appealing recommendation factor. The report notes that this sharing not only extends the reach of your email beyond the inbox – it has been proven to increase click-through rates on the links by up to 50%. So,

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Participate in the DMA UK’s Email Benchmarking survey for Clients

Email Benchmarking Survey for ClientsThe DMA UK Email Council is calling for UK companies who use email to promote their products and services to participate in the second “National Email Benchmarking survey for Clients” (closes 5pm Tuesday, 30th October) The Report is designed to complement the National Email Benchmarking Report, which surveys the Email Service

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Definitions of Click-Throughs

Click-throughs in a newsletter are an important metric; and there are a number of types of Click-Throughs a marketer can measure. If you are checking industry benchmarks look at the click-through metric used – to ensure you’re measuring like-for-like against your results. Total Email Click-Throughs – This metric attempts to answer the question, “How many

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Email continues to be marketing tool of choice for UK B2B marketers

Here’s a press release regarding a survey of B2B Marketers we did in conjunction with B2B Marketing magazine. Email continues to be marketing tool of choice for UK B2B marketers Survey shows that email marketing is now considered to be an integral part of the B2B marketing mix and most UK businesses are expecting their

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Sourcing Email Marketing Statistics

I hoard collect and collate email marketing statistics whenever I come across them. Particularly non-US ones. Statistics are but one facet of measuring the success of a company’s email marketing and relationship building efforts. But it’s nice to know how business sectors, B2B and B2C industries are measuring up against your own campaigns. I know

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