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Designs we ❤: The Bond Buzz Newsletter

“What I love most about the new BOND Buzz design is the flexibility;Bond can now create four very different style newsletters from one template.”   “Our customer, Bond Adapt, felt ”The BOND Buzz’ existing design was in need of a general update, which included refreshing the layout, and updating the look and feel to tie

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5 Reasons to redesign your email template (+ before/after examples)

One of the questions our design team regularly gets asked is ‘how do we know it’s time to do a redesign of our newsletter template?’  It’s a good question, as it’s important to regularly check to ensure your template is still working as well as it did originally.  I’ve created a list of potential situations

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Designs we ❤: Map Matters Newsletter

“Rob from really wanted a fresh and modern take on their brand. Their old newsletter was crammed full of great content, but the layout was making it difficult to read. My chief aim was to design a newsletter that was clutter-free, easy to scan and well structured – with a unique and modern identity

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Why, when and how to make your email template mobile friendly

As we all know, smartphone usage is continually on the rise and we can’t ignore the fact that it’s now more likely than ever that your email will be viewed on a mobile device. This poses some challenges for marketers who want to make sure their carefully crafted emails get read and their efforts pay

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Looking Good Everywhere

Denise Cox, our lead consultant at Newsweaver, recently conducted a webinar about Design Strategy (you can view the recorded version here).  I worked with her in covering the approaches needed to make sure your email marketing design displays well and as intended on all platforms – from desktop, laptop, tablets to mobile. This article is

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Plan for images off in your emails …

In today’s inbox it’s quite possible that your email will be viewed with images off. As you can see by the image above, if you haven’t thought about how images are used in an email, it can mean your message is not seen – nor is the call to action visible. But, rather than panic

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The Email Standards Project Launches

How websites render in internet browsers has certainly become more consistent… but how HTML email renders in email software remains a key challenge for email marketers.

So I’m delighted to read that the Email Standards Project, which up to now has been a few individuals working away behind-the-scenes, has just gone public with their website. (There is also an active Facebook Email Standards Project group.)

Their aim is to make this a global community effort to improve the email experience for both designers and readers alike.

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