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Good list hygiene helps the delivery of your emails

Getting delivered into your subscribers’ inbox involves a variety of elements that all add up to what the industry refers to as a “good sender reputation”. Your sender reputation indicates to ISPs the trustworthiness of the source of the email that is being delivered, and they then allow the email to be delivered.    Delivery and

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Reputation, reputation, reputation (oh, and relevance)

In real estate, the three most important things to look for in a property are location, location, location. It seems from some recent studies and postings I’ve read that the three most important things an email marketer must have are: reputation, reputation, reputation. That’s a GOOD reputation, by the way – meaning you’re not black

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Email rendering: pointless without deliverability

I am knee deep in reading up on all the latest ‘rendering’ issues that are impacting email. Rendering refers to how your email looks in the subscriber’s inbox (vs. how you *designed* it to look). And knee deep is right, it’s probably the hottest topic in email marketing right now – everyone’s writing or talking

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