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Should you use rented lists for B2B email marketing?

The issue of renting lists often comes up when a company is first embarking on email newsletter marketing and don’t have what they consider to be a ‘big enough’ list. It also comes up when a marketing department is feeling the pressure to build their mailing lists. I call this the “Load and Send” syndrome. An

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How to re-engage subscribers (Part 2)

In Part 1 I suggested taking immediate action with subscribers who have not engaged with your emails by segmenting and targeting a re-send of that publication.  The next step is to use your business intelligence to TREND subscriber activity over time. This will give you an accurate view of how engaged your readers are from

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How to re-engage subscribers (Part 1)

To me, one of the most exciting elements of email marketing is the fact that you can measure what your readers did NOT do. It’s powerful because you now have the ability to segment and target your emails to specifically reach subscribers who are not opening and engaging with your emails. What immediate action can

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