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Jamie Oliver’s recipe for effective communication isn’t rocket science, but it works

Jamie Oliver’s recipe for effective communication

OK, so we know Jamie Oliver has a particularly effective communication style. Global phenomenon, super-celebrity chef, highly successful entrepreneur, healthy eating and animal welfare campaigner, he’s got almost six million Twitter followers plus another five million on Instagram. That’s a lot of communicating. But who would have thought that when it comes to knowing perhaps

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Nine Tips on Creating Effective Infographics for Employees


Did you know that an infographic is 30 times more likely to be read than a text-only article? The use of visual information has increased by 9,900% over the past 7 years because we’re hardwired to respond visually. Text alone just can’t compete. As consumers we all access a world of information, much of which is

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Why you should put videos in your emails

In this digital age, giving people a choice in how to engage with your content is very important. While the written word will always be at the core of content provision – you need to think beyond the written word. Add videos into the content mix Our customers are having tremendous success with videos in

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Two webinars now available for watching on-demand

Two webinars I recently conducted – now available for watching on-demand:   Newsweaver webinar on best practice tips on creating email designs, A general webinar, presented on content strategy for newsletters at the first virtual International Email Marketing Summit.   

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Provide order amidst content chaos

I’ve just read a fantastic article, “The Content Marketing Manifesto“, by Larry Chase. Larry’s a veteran net consultant, speaker, and best selling author. Do check out his weekly Web Digest for Marketers email newsletter. The article is about content in general – but certainly is of value regarding content for email newsletters. This comment resonated

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