Social Media and Email Marketing boost sales for Knuttel Prints

Celebrated Irish artist Graham Knuttel today announced an increase in online giftware sales thanks to a new social media and email marketing strategy.

The new giftware line which features images of Knuttel’s most popular pieces has enjoyed the boost in sales thanks to an interactive e-commerce enabled Facebook page to secure a strong social media presence and a monthly email newsletter with Newsweaver, their email service provider of choice.

With the Newsweaver account the company was able to create a sign up box on Facebook which automatically pulled new contacts into the account. Subscribers were also attracted to the site by offering exclusive-to-the-newsletter competitions and discounts.  To further entice potential customers Newsweaver built a dynamic newsletter template to showcase images of Knuttel’s work.

Niall Newman of Social Media Zen who managed the social media strategy said “regularly posts on Knuttel’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages about the newsletter generate at least 30-40 new subscribers within an hour of each post; we also find that 80% of our prospect list growth happens through Knuttel’s social media outlets”.

The email newsletter has proved central to the increase in sales for Knuttel. Using social media and email combined, the opens and clicks are above industry average and consistently within the 60-70% range for opens and 40% for clicks from opens. Even more significantly, online sales have been generated directly from each mailing proving the immense power of social media and email marketing.
Niall Newman says “Email and social media have proven to complement each other very well. Social networks are fantastic for building a fan base; but the money is definitely in our email mailing list”.

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