Plan for images off in your emails

In today’s inbox it’s quite possible that your email will be viewed with images off.

If you haven’t thought about how images are used in an email, it can mean your message is not seen – nor is the call to action visible. But, rather than panic and ditch the use of images, create emails that highlight your content and calls to action. Then, select images based on how relevant they are to the story. What you use should illustrate your points, rather than use a default lifestyle photo just for the sake of having some sort of image. If you are managing images within your newsweaver account, here’s an article about how to use our Image Editor.)

Here are six quick tips for using images in your newsletter marketing:

  1. Your content should include descriptions of any pictures featured. This lets readers know what they’re missing visually, and encourages them to turn on the images.
  2. Test your emails before sending to see how they look with images on and off.
  3. Don’t embed or attach images – This can create delivery issues. Instead, have your images hosted on your server or with your email service provider.
  4. Fill in the alternative text field in your image tags – in some email software this is what will appear where images are turned off.
  5. Avoid using one big image – This can result in one big empty email when the images are off!
  6. Make use of the pre-text link – Always include a link at the top of your email that clicks through to an online version of the email. If people are online and click this link, they’ll automatically see all text AND images.

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