Set up a publishing process

Online newsletters banish long lead times. But you should take advantage of the approach that print editors developed over the centuries to make your own regularly published email newsletter fairly pain free.

  1. Create a publishing schedule – This can be as simple as an excel file. Set up columns for each of the next 6-12 issues of your publication. Then map out content that should appear in each issue. These selections will be based on your goals (front of mind? sales? retention? etc), as well as to highlight new product and service launches or upgrades.
  2. Collate your content sources – Put together and have easy access to all the sources for content: your marketing and sales material, any event and conference collateral, case studies, custom written – as well as website content. Think written, audio and visual; such as articles, podcasts, white papers, photos, blog posts, case studies, recorded events, presentations and videos.
  3. Work aheadAssign articles in advance, and populate future issues with the content as it is completed. Your publications should be at various assembled stages of completion so that there is less work involved as you approach a specific publication date.
  4. Streamline approval – This may seem obvious, but I’ve seen sign-off regularly get held up or delayed. Create a sign-off section for your publishing schedule as well. By getting articles approved as they are finished, rather than waiting for the entire newsletter to be assembled, saves you delays as you scramble for approvals.
  5. Adhere to your send dates – With shortened lead times and the ability to publish just by hitting send, it’s also easier to let deadlines slip by. Don’t be tempted. Keep to your schedule – or you won’t get the results that regular ongoing mailings deliver for your ROI.

Using these ‘old fashioned’ methods will help you stay on track and get the best results possible with each and every send.

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