Writing email marketing content? Repurpose, repackage and recycle

The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) has an essential message about your content – and that is to make it work harder for you. Everything you generate is content marketing – including the content you create for your email marketing. When developing a content strategy marketers generally say that one of the biggest challenges they face is producing enough content that will take potential customers through the sales funnel to the sales. What CMI suggests is building a plan around repurposing, repackaging, and recycling the content you create for on going use and that will extend the life span of your content.

Here are three approaches:

  • Repurpose your major content: The value of a large piece of content isn’t just the document itself, but also all of the smaller pieces of content that you can generate from it. For example, consider repurposing long-form content such as eBooks, white papers, how to guides and reports into shorter formats, i.e. articles and blog posts.
  • Repackage short content:  If your company produces a lot of short-form content, take inventory of it and look for common themes – find opportunities to combine those smaller pieces of content into a larger resource. A series of blog posts can be turned into an eBook, PDF, etc. Oh, and also repackage it into even shorter content – such as tweets.
  • Recycle the timeless content: When you create something that is high value and resonates with your audience, don’t stop there. Turn it into a series of evergreen content modules that can be updated and recycled (i.e., republished) on a regular basis.

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