Reaching beyond HQ: Communicating effectively to a diverse workforce


Organizations today are increasingly global and multi-cultural and face constant change – including divestment, mergers and acquisitions.

As a result, employees are often dispersed across different geographies, business sectors, audiences, cultures, and more.

For internal communicators this presents a huge challenge. How can they communicate effectively with this new diverse workforce?

Our guest expert Andrew Blacknell gives you insight into how to meet these challenges.

Key takeaways:

  • The engagement drivers common to all employees
  • The role of leadership in helping communicate to the entire workforce
  • Insight into communication channel effectiveness when reaching beyond HQ
  • Best practice examples and case studies of effective communications across a dispersed workforce
  • The role data and measurement plays in successful communication strategies

About Andrew Blacknell

Andrew Blacknell is a Change & Communication Consultant with over 20 years experience in internal communication and change management – both in-house and as a consultant based in Europe and North America. A former leader of the UK Communication & Change Management practice at Towers Watson, he now runs his own consulting business.


An additional available resource available to you is this free best practice guide on how to reach remote workers.

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