Global Reports

Drive performance and demonstrate business value through measurement

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Global Reports

Drive performance and demonstrate business value through measurement

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Get insights into which employee groups are most and least engaged with your email communications. See how content performs across all communicators to understand what works. Benchmark performance for continuous improvement in your email strategy and tactics.

Pain Point

Are employees even reading your emails? 

Much of the email sent by communicators across your organization could be going unread and you would be none the wiser! You are working in the dark unless you can measure the performance of your emails.  Internal Connect Enterprise gives central communications a way to see how email is performing, to identify the most effective content and how different employee groups are engaging with your emails.

Global IC Reports

Global Reports

Analyse email performance across all communications teams:


Measure engagement over time; identify trends and use these insights to improve results


Use Internal Communication benchmarks to assess overall performance


Identify areas of high and low engagement by filtering results by business unit, geography, etc

Device type

Understand device consumption and impact of email on other channels

Content Reports

Understand which emails and content are most popular across the entire organization. Share what works best with all communicators to improve results. Track content popularity and use these insights to inform your content strategy.


large-frame-topReports on Content

Email Performance

Customized Reports

Layer employee data on top of email performance to identify trends that provide actionable insights. Identify and understand which employee groups are most and least engaged, and compare results by business unit, country or role.

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Account & User Performance

And User Performance

Easily identify best and worst performing User Accounts, sharing best practice and taking corrective action where needed.

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