Global Calendar

Air traffic control for your email

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Global Calendar

Air traffic control for your email

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One place to view all planned, scheduled and sent emails, helping communications teams
across your organization coordinate more effectively, move faster, and achieve better results.

Pain Point

Are you an airport without air traffic control?
Ever feel like you’re operating in the dark, with little or no idea what emails are being sent across your organization? Are you and your communicators adding to email overload by working in silos, blind to what others are doing? Internal Connect Enterprise gives central communications a single shared calendar view of all email activity, that is updated for every email created, scheduled and sent. It’s the internal communications equivalent of a simple air traffic control system.

Global Calendar

Bad planning and poor scheduling are one of the biggest obstacles to effective internal communication. The Global Calendar module provides the central communications team with a unified, organization-wide view, enabling you to understand email traffic and behaviour across all communicators. Prioritize key messages and avoid duplication that turns important information into background noise.

Global Calendar of Internal Communications

 Filter the global email calendar

Filtered Views

To better understand email traffic based on region, business unit or function, you can filter the global email calendar view on an account-by-account basis.

Schedule Blackout Period

Blackout Periods

Lots of communicators sending emails at the same time often means important messages, such as a CEO announcement, can become inbox clutter.

The central communications team can ensure important emails get employees full attention by scheduling a blackout period, which means other communicators can’t send mass-emails during that period.

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Plan local email activities

Sub-Account Calendar

Give local communicators access to the organization-wide email calendar through shared views.

Benefits include:

Local email activities can be planned and scheduled to better fit with global activity, reducing the risk of email overload at busy times

Sharing calendars cuts down message duplication, enabling communicators to see if others are planning similar emails and content

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