Employee Lists And Data

Drive better email communications with accurate data and lists

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Employee Lists And Data

Drive better email communications with accurate data and lists

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Centrally manage the lists and employee data your communicators use for email, while ensuring they have more accurate data at their fingertips to better target emails and analyze results more effectively.

Pain Point

Are your communications compromised by out-of-date email lists?
Wrong names, duplicate entries, and inaccurate information are a big obstacle to effective communications and all too common in large companies, where employee lists and databases are often managed in different places by different communications teams.  Internal Connect Enterprise allows you to store all the data in one place, manage it properly and ensure it’s accurate and up to date.

Easy Integration

Pull in data from other internal systems, so it’s always accurate and up to date. Integrating with HR system and Active Directory means your communicators are working from a single source of truth. Leavers and joiners logged in HR, will be incorporated into your lists, ensuring they are always current.

Integrating with HR system and Active Directory

Employee Data

Flexible Configuration

No two organizations manage their data the same way. How a company evolves, whether it’s through acquisition or organic growth, will create unique environments and complex data challenges.

The Employee Data module can be configured to fit almost any scenario from managing the data centrally to devolving control to local communicators.

Central Data Control

Data Control

The Employee Data module enables the central communications team to manage all the data easily and in one place. This provides the controls and security to manage which communicators can access what data resulting in more effective communications across your organization without any risk of compromising data.

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Employee lists

Centralized List Management

Configure accounts to control which data different communicators can access and where data is centrally stored. So, for example, the French team can only access data on French employees.

Send emails based on hierarchy

Communicate By Reporting Line

Send emails based on management hierarchy or to employees who are part of a particular reporting line.

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