Control Center

One place to control and coordinate mass email communications

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Control Center

One place to control and coordinate mass email communications

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Manage how all communicators use email from one place with Control Center.
Whether it’s light-touch oversight or tight control, you can configure the platform to suit your team structures and communications culture.

Pain Point

Are your email communications out of control?
Unless you have a single point of control with complete oversight, you risk disjointed messaging that will confuse and overload employees who can quickly become disengaged. Internal Connect Enterprise gives central communications complete control and facilitates well-executed email strategies.

Centralized Control

To maximize the impact of internal communications in a large organization, you need control. When using email as the channel for sending key messages to employees, Control Center gives you the oversight and governance to make sure all communicators across your organization are using it properly.

Activity Overview

Coordinate email communication across the organization

Match Your Needs

Every organization is different which is why Control Center has been designed to enable authorized users in the central communications team to create user groups and accounts that mirror the structure of the communications function. This allows you to coordinate email communication across the organization.

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A Granular View

You can’t manage what you can’t see – with Control Center you see everything.

Control Center


Flexible User Management

Through customizable user roles, the central communication team can easily manage what functionality is available to communicators, retaining overall control while empowering communicators at a local level to send better emails.


Audit Trail

Keep track of all email activity across the organization. See who is sending what to who, when, where and how. Access a full audit trail of all user activity for compliance and security purposes.


Measure Engagement

Access powerful usage reports to measure how well internal communicators are using the tool and manage user licenses more effectively.

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