Content Library

One place for sharing content and brand assets

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Content Library

One place for sharing content and brand assets

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Share templates, images and best practice documents for consistency of email messaging across all your communications teams. Foster collaboration on content creation while ensuring brand consistency.

Pain Point

Is your brand and messaging getting lost in the mail?
Unless you work with approved templates, assets and content, your communications can quickly descend into a series of disconnected emails and newsletters where brand guidelines go out the window. With Internal Connect Enterprise Library, brand identity is assured, content is consistent, and messages can be made more powerful.

Central Repository

Central Repository

Stored images and assets are controlled centrally, enabling communicators to create their own content without straying from corporate templates and approved branding.

Template Library

Our expert in-house design team will work with you to create a suite of approved templates designed to brand guidelines, which are then stored and made available in the content library, helping your communicators deliver a consistent on-brand, on-message email experience to employees. All templates are designed to be responsive to deliver optimal reader experience across devices.

Email Template Library

Collaborate And Control

Enable your team to work together on email content at global and local levels, ensuring consistency of communications in all content creation.  The central communications team manage the content library and enable other communicators to pull down the content and assets they need for their emails, such as images and logos.

Collaborate & Control internal communications

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Translate text

Localize The Message

Share content folders with regional teams for translating texts to different languages.

Content contributors can add articles to shared folders where they can be translated and uploaded for local communicators to access.


Is your brand getting lost in the message?
By ensuring communications not only look great but stay steadfastly on-brand and on-message, the Internal Connect Library addresses a problem many organizations face when using mass emails.

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