Content Cascade

Localize global messages

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Content Cascade

Localize global messages

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Deliver emails with global content to regional communicators, giving them the opportunity to
add local content before the email is sent to their audiences.

Pain Point

Are local and global communications disconnected and misaligned?
Global and local communicators sending out separate content risks email overload and message duplication leading to confusion amongst employees.  Internal Connect Enterprise Content Cascade makes combining global and local content in one email a simple, seamless process.

Consolidated Newsletter

The Content Cascade module enables an organization to create one global newsletter, combining content from headquarters with local news,  reducing email overload while making communications more relevant to more employees. The email wizard makes this complicated task a seamless and easy process.

Cascade content to local teams

Central Control

Central Control & Local Autonomy

Create an inclusive culture that gives regional communicators autonomy while making sure central messages always get through. Central communications retain control by setting parameters to limit the number of articles and word count that local communicators can include in cascaded emails.

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Global And Local Reporting

Analyze the performance of cascaded newsletters to understand how content resonates, and what
mix of global and local content goes down best with local audiences.

Global & Local Reporting

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