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Marketing tools don’t do the things Internal Communicators need

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Why is Newsweaver Internal Connect better than email marketing tools for internal communications? Simple: It’s designed for it. Not for selling to customers, not for advertising, but for helping you speak to your organization’s employees. Feature for feature, it outperforms other solutions.

Need some more reasons?
Here they are.


Designed for Internal Communications
Email marketing tools are designed for external use. Newsweaver is designed specifically for Internal Communications. Every feature is developed to help you design, deliver, and track communications within your organization.


More interactive emails
Our multi-page email newsletters keep employees reading for longer. Unlike static marketing emails, which typically just link to a website, this unique feature brings the full interactivity of the web into your employees’ inboxes. Rich media content and social features such as likes, comments, and ratings are proven to increase your employees’ engagement with your emails.

Training & Support

Expert phone support and advice
Our Customer Success team understands the needs and challenges of Internal Communicators, so we offer more than just personalized phone support. We also share advice and best practices to make it even easier for you to achieve your goals and measure your results.


Greater insight
Other tools track opens, clicks, and conversions. How much can that tell you? Newsweaver helps you identify areas of high or low engagement, analyze trends over time, and compare results based on multiple employee criteria such as department, business unit, or geography.


What you send is what they see
As part of your onboarding, our services team works with you and your IT team to integrate our email set-up, so that your emails get into your employees’ inboxes, and images appear automatically. That’s right: no more right-clicking to download images.


No more unsubscribes
Most email marketing tools work on an opt-in basis and contain baked-in ‘Unsubscribe’ buttons. Because Newsweaver is designed for internal communications, there’s no need for an unsubscribe button, although you can still mark communications as opt-in if you wish.


Speak to your employees
With most tools, “personalization” is limited to . With Newsweaver, you can actually personalize mass-employee emails. Import individual profiles from Active Directory or your HR system, and target content by function, business unit, geography, and more.

Greater Engagement

Be social
Make internal communications a conversation. Link emails to your enterprise social network (ESN) with social features like comments, likes, and shares. If you don’t have an ESN, you can use Newsweaver’s comments feature to give employees a voice.


Secure communications
Newsweaver keeps emails and content within your organization while maximising readership inside the walls. We provide a range of security features such as Single Sign-On and Microsite Restrictions. We are also one of the only email software vendors with the ISO27001 certification — the highest attainable standard.


Simple set-up
When setting up your account, our technical services team works closely with your IT team to ensure Newsweaver integrates seamlessly with internal systems such as Active Directory and your HR systems. This helps you get started quickly and successfully, and reduces reliance on in-house IT support.

Simplify your internal communication efforts.
Transform your emails and put actionable data at your fingertips.

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