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Give employees a superior email experience that encourages them to read and engage with more content. Our unique multi-page emails brings content to life, from social ‘likes’ and comments that turn emails into a two-way medium to embedded video that keeps employees engaged for longer.


Are your emails boring your audience?
Email is all too often a static medium of text and images. Our integrated email microsites solve this by bringing the best of the web to your emails, providing your employees with a more interactive and engaging experience.

Email Microsites for Multi-page Newsletters

Unique multi-page newsletter templates from Internal Connect keep employees engaged with email content for longer. Ideal for content-heavy newsletters that play a key role in keeping colleagues across your organization up to date and informed on the latest company news.



Social Features

Unlike traditional email, Internal Connect allows you to start conversations with every email you send. Social media-style features encourage employees to respond with comments, ratings and ‘likes’, as well as participate in surveys and polls.




Likes & Rating

Likes and Ratings

Let employees know their opinion counts by empowering them to respond instantly with ‘likes’ and star ratings.




Let employees have their say and start a conversation, while retaining overall control as moderator.

Need a scalable internal email solution?

Enable multiple communications teams to send better emails, while providing
your central team with control and reporting to improve performance.

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Embedded Video

Embedded Video

Embed videos in your email and see click rates soar by up to 300%. Employees simply click to watch content from inside the email and are instantly engaged.


Surveys and Polls

Check the pulse of your organization by embedding surveys and quick polls into your emails. It’s another way to encourage two-way communication and give your employees a voice.

Social Channels

Linking to Other Channels

Use email in conjunction with multiple digital channels. Signpost and drive traffic to SharePoint, Yammer and Chatter, for example, or other internal systems you use.


easyJet, Dan Carter, Internal Comms Channel Manager
Newsweaver emails can look really good, and be engaging as well as delivering that information. So it can make people really want to read it. There is a direct link between internal communications in our company and the profitability and success of the airline overall.

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