Content Management and Personalization

Make mass email campaigns personal and watch engagement levels soar

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Target email content based on employee profiles and preferences to personalize content and make it more relevant. A proven way to deliver higher engagement levels, you will see a big jump in open and click rates.

Pain Point

Put an end to information overload
Bombarding employees with the same emails and content, irrespective of their role or interests, is the fastest way to lose their attention. Internal Connect enables you to dramatically improve engagement levels by sending emails that are relevant to the individual and their role within the organization.

Timely and Targeted

Personalization tools in Internal Connect turn mass emails into timely, targeted, and
relevant messages that are personal and much more likely to engage.


Content Targeting

Content Targeting

Using employee profiles held in other systems, Internal Connect makes it easy to target content by various criteria, including location, business unit, department, salary scale and language.

Content Subscriptions

Content Subscriptions

Employees can choose which optional emails and content they want to receive by managing subscriptions through their profile page.

Email Calendar

Communicators can view the team’s planned, scheduled and sent emails, making it easier to coordinate campaigns
and ensure the right emails get to the right employees at the right time.



Media Library

Media Library

Manage and share a rich collection of multimedia documents, files and images, all stored in one place and readily available for use as email content.

Test & Review

Test and Review

Use the Test and Review feature to get feedback from stakeholders on an email before it goes out.

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Scheduled Sends

Scheduled Sends

Pinpoint the best times for delivery to avoid busy periods where important emails might be ignored.


Subject Line Testing

Increase the number of employees opening your emails by experimenting with different subject lines. Test up to three and see which works best.

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