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Cut through inbox clutter with visually impressive emails, easily created using templates branded for your organization. Reach your entire workforce with emails that look great on any device – desktop, tablet or mobile. Add images, videos and more, to give employees an engaging multimedia experience.


Why would employees read emails that look terrible?
Creating attractive HTML emails from Outlook is a nightmare. Making them render properly across multiple devices, particularly mobile, is even harder. Newsweaver solves this problem by custom designing templates that match your branding and work well on any device.

Consistent Branding

Our talented designers will create unique, high-impact templates that will empower your communications team and engage your employees. By making it much easier to create on-brand emails, internal communications becomes more consistent and much more effective.



Branded Templates

Mobile Ready

Mobile Ready

Ensure your emails appear as intended on all platforms with mobile ready templates.

Full Email Testing

Our design team work to hard to ensure your email looks good everywhere. We rigorously test your email across multiple email clients and devices before your first send.



Learn how branded templates can increase the impact of your emails.
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easyJet, Dan Carter, Internal Comms Channel Manager
“It’s cool business software. easyJet is a very large organization, one of the challenges that we’ve always had is that we have locations all across Europe. We’ve got over 10,000 people, a very very remote workforce and 85% of them don’t actually have access to computers. We can still deliver messages through mobile devices.”

Design Process

To make it easy for you to create consistent, on-brand and visually stunning emails, your account set-up includes a design consultation process with one of our talented email designers. Here is an outline of how they will work with you to to ensure you get the email templates you need.



Design Brief Call
Proposed Design

Design Review


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