Pre-recorded webinar: essential tactics for the higher education sector

I’ve now conducted and recorded a webinar providing “Ten essential email tactics for the Higher Education sector” …

In the 45 minutes I took attendees through the ten tactics, also providing many examples showing what our customers in the higher education sector are doing with email using our newsletter software. The Q&A was quite lively – and attendees had great questions for me regarding their own challenges in this sector.

If you are interested in virtually attending the webinar yourself, I invite you to contact to get sign in details:

Here are some  the areas that I cover in my ‘top ten’ essential tactics:

Layout and design – Learn how these two elements in an email newsletter can help increase delivery, as well as achieve maximum open and click rates.

Content and personalization – The right content to the right reader will differentiate you from other institutions.

Frequency and targeting – Strengthen your relationship with your readers, improve the success of your campaigns and increase engagement.

Sharing and SEO – Make use of social media in your emails to increase the reach of your message, improve the visibility of your institution and engage with your readers.

Tracking and measuring – Use metrics gained from each and every email to ensure the messages you send become more relevant, timely and targeted.