Personalize using language

Language can be a barrier to engagement

The current AMAS digital trending report noted results of a Eurobarometer report on user language preferences, including:

  • 90% always use a website in their own language if available
  • 49% feel they are missing out on interesting information if it isn’t in their language

Offer language as a personalization option in your emails

Thinking about the stats above, and how people like to absorb information in their own language, email newsletters offer an excellent opportunity to engage your readers in their own language.

By sending the same content to all your readers, BUT in the language they’d like to receive, you have suddenly doubled relevance. You are acknowledging the needs of your readers and making them feel like they aren’t missing out on information. It’s important to note that the content must be professionally translated, otherwise this personalization option will backfire.

The snapshot to the left (click on thumbnail) shows two of versions of customer newsletters – US English and Simplified Chinese.

In addition, your newsletter template design can be Customized by language as well. By the way – if you’re not sure what language your subscriber would like to receive – ask them in the opt-in form.

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