Offline to Online sign up example

Here’s a good example – personally experienced – of an offline subscribe that move people from off-line (in the shop) to (online) an email newsletter.

Who: UK fashion shop Wallis. I was at the register and the sales person invited me to register in the guest book, and made it clear what I was signing up for.

The following Saturday I received a tailored welcome (click on image on left to enlarge) which included:

  • My name as the salutation (acknowledging me as a customer)
  • the store where i signed up (acknowledging where I signed up)
  • what i was going to receive by email (acknowledging what the relationship will be – and what they will send to me)
  • A welcome offer of 10% and free delivery if i ordered online – or by printing off the email and bringing it into the shop. (Acknowledging the value of my custom)

I liked the idea that the offer catered to both online ordering AND in-store purchase choices. And also impressed because the sign up was a handwritten process!

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