Newsweaver releases results from personalization survey

Cork, Ireland, 17th February, 2012 — Irish Software Company Newsweaver today released the results from a survey they held during their recent webinar ““Accelerate your email ROI with personalization: 5 easy steps” which was hosted live on the 1st February.
During the presentation, Denise Cox, lead consultant with Newsweaver asked viewers, “On average, what level of personalization do you use in your email marketing? “.

The results of the survey were:
35% – Name only
18% – More than name
22% – personalize content
12% – Dynamic Content
13% – Don’t Know

The results were in-line with previous survey’s Newsweaver has conducted in the past, as well as industry wide results. Denise Cox, lead consultant with Newsweaver stated “While using name only can still be powerful in the right context, there is so much more that can be done to send an email that feels personal to the recipient (A key way to look at personalization)”.

Denise Cox also stated “Personalising acknowledges relationships, which attracts engagement and interaction. All of this generates business intelligence – which helps you achieve better results. If lack of data is a concern and a potential barrier, my suggestion to marketers is that they should look at data within “group attributes” specific to a group. Not only is this achievable for marketers, it offers relevance to the reader – which is personal”.
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About Newsweaver
Newsweaver is an email marketing software provider that enables more than 2,000 organisations in 27 countries to create, deliver and track meaningful email campaigns. Our customers use our technology to create email campaigns that will give them higher levels of engagement with their audiences than any other system in the industry today. The key benefit experienced by our customers is deeper customer insight. This results in higher levels of revenue and increased customer loyalty. With Newsweaver as an Email Software Partner, organisations can enjoy

  • Advanced personalization
  • AB Split Testing
  • Dynamic Content
  • Social Media and CRM integrations
  • Microsite Technology which support SEO efforts
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Activity-based Segmentation

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