New reporting for readership on mobile devices

Newsweaver announces a new software release, which includes new Reporting Intelligence on Mobile Devices and a new Admin Dashboard, which gives customers even more power to manage their accounts.

New Reporting for Readership on Mobile Devices

New reporting now illustrates a breakdown of readership on Mobile Devices, further empowering customers with the data necessary to understand how readers are viewing, interacting and engaging with their emails. These new metrics make it easy for customers to get a snap-shot of reader Behavior and trends by showing which mobile devices, web browsers and email clients readers are using to view emails. This advanced email intelligence will help customers hone and refine their email strategy based on the needs and preferences of readers.

Denise Cox, lead consultant with Newsweaver said “One of the most powerful aspects of email is the business intelligence available to you from your mailings. There are a wide range of areas you can drill down into and glean business intelligence – you need to review your company’s goals and strategies and select which metrics you need to measure them.”

Improved Admin Controls for your Newsweaver Account

Newsweaver’s new Admin Dashboard allows customers greater control over social networks. Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Delicious or Twitter, customers can now manage the sharing settings in the new Admin Dashboard, making it effortless to share messages with a variety of networks. Customers also have more control over the settings for Commenting, with the ability to enable replies and turn on email notifications for readers.

Test with success

The ‘Test Email Banner’, also a new feature, which appears at the top of test emails, has been added for when customers wish to send an email to a group of testers. This new feature ensures that all readers are aware that it is only a test email and not the finalised version.

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