Name recognition drives opens in mobile emails

What compels people to open emails on mobiles?

eMarketers compiled recent research on what influences consumers to open emails on their mobile devices:

  • 25% said the name in from field was the No. 1 influencer.
  • 70% said they were likely to open emails from brands whose products they often purchased online or in brick-and-mortar stores.
  • Just over 15% said it was the email subject line.

So what does this information mean for your email marketing campaigns?

The From Field plays a big role in delivering name recognition

This may be the difference between your email being read – or deleted.

If you have access to device and platform statistics (Newsweaver provides these metric to our customers), you will be able to assess if your audience mostly accesses emails by desktop – or by a particular device. But in general, most emails are consumed on a wide variety of devices and platforms. With desktops, laptops and tablets you have more space to play with in the subject line, and the added bonus of the preview pane. In mobile, not so much. Do take advantage of all the space – but pay attention to the reduced vision of your email in a mobile screen. The number of characters seen in the inbox varies depending on the device and platform. Use the lowest denominator of 15-20 characters in both the From and Subject Line as your benchmark for high impact. That’s just a couple of words, so use them wisely.

When looking at From Fields in general – do test to find what offers the most relevance to your audience:

  • From your company – (eg Newsweaver) The From Field works well when personalized, but if you don’t have enough information about the subscriber (e.g. who their point of contact is in your company) or if they are a prospect, you’ll most likely choose your company name. Your goal should be to achieve personalization as the relationship deepens.
  • From a brand associated with your company (eg Dairy Milk, rather than Cadburys) – If you have a wide variety of products and services, you’ll want the email to come from the brand the subscriber has purchased, or has indicated they’d like to hear more about the products/services of the brand.
  • From someone at your company – (eg Jane McDonald) This is probably a choice that needs to absolutely mean something to the recipient. There’s huge potential for personalization as well. For example, the email could come from the customer’s Account Manager, from the sales person or the Customer Service rep, etc. Avoid using a personal name that means nothing to the subscriber – it can be perceived as a spammer’s ploy.
  •  From a name and brand or company (eg denise cox / Newsweaver) If you will be recognised more by the company name, for example this is a a new addition to your lead nurturing process, including the name of their company contact, plus the company name, can be quite impactful.

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