Anti-Spam Policy

Anti-Spam Policy

If you are considering using Newsweaver, or are already using Newsweaver for your email communications you need to know where we stand on permission and sourcing of lists.

The owners of all email addresses imported into the system:

  • must have given explicit permission to be sent email communications from you, or
  • the addresses must have been acquired from existing customers or prospects, in the course of a sale or negotiation of a sale

Newsweaver does not allow the use of third-party lists, whether rented or purchased, and does not allow sending to email addresses harvested from any public source, or email addresses supplied by appending services.

Users of the Newsweaver system are prohibited from sending emails with false or misleading subject lines and/or from names/addresses, and may not obfuscate or otherwise interfere with the contents of the Newsweaver email footer section that is appended automatically to all outbound emails.

Breaches of our email anti-spam policy will result in termination of service.

If you have received unsolicited email from a user of the Newsweaver system, please note our terms of use prohibit users from sending unsolicited bulk email.

If you have received an unsolicited email that appears to have been sent from the Newsweaver system, please forward it (as an attachment if possible) to

Alternatively, please report the email via Cisco’s spam reporting service at or if available please use the spam reporting button provided in email clients such as Hotmail, Yahoo or AOL.

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