Newsweaver announces new business intelligence reporting

Newsweaver have just announced a new software release, which includes a new Reporting Dashboard and New Social Media Activity Reporting. New features were also added to Newsweaver’s Social Sharing Toolkit including a ‘Like’ button giving customers even more social sharing power and the flexibility to control social features for each individual article.

New Reporting Dashboard for powerful ROI

The new Reporting Dashboard has been given a new look’n’feel with easy-to-interpret reports that allow customers unearth as much reporting detail as needed on Publications, Issues and Mailings. Mailing results are now divided into sections with more innovative and advanced metrics on Performance Trends, Content Popularity and Delivery Stats, providing customers with unparalleled insight and business intelligence with every email sent.

New Social Activity Reporting to harness the power of social networks

Newsweaver’s new Social Activity Reporting allows customers to view a breakdown of all articles shared from an issue across different social media sites. These new metrics will provide customers with a powerful overview of the total social reach of content. A new table showing comments, articles, rating, likes and shares gives customers the power to understand how readers are interacting socially with their content.

denise cox, lead consultant with Newsweaver said, “One of the most powerful aspects of email marketing is the engagement metrics and business intelligence available to marketers from their campaigns. We regularly see double-digit lifts in opens and clicks when marketers use this information available to them”.

New Features added to Newsweaver’s Social Sharing Toolkit

New features were also added to Newsweaver’s Social Sharing Toolkit including a ‘Like’ button. The ‘Like’ button is yet another great way readers can interact with content as much as they would on other Social Media sites. We now offer customers more power, control and flexibility when including social interactivity in email. Features such as star rating, like, share and comments can now be turned on/off per article basis.

Over the coming months, Newsweaver will be adding lots of useful new Reporting widgets on mobile and reader engagement to help customers better analyse the results of email communications.

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