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Cork, Ireland, 1st November, 2011 — Newsweaver, the leading email newsletter software provider has just released a top ten list to show how B2B organisations can build their in-house mailing list. The list was created by Newsweaver’s lead consultant denise cox who is a member of the DMA and a leading expert in in the field of email marketing.
Studies indicate that an in-house mailing list is the most effective lead generation tool for companies. The Newsweaver solution offers customers an easy to use auto-generated subscribe form to set up and capture new subscribers for their email newsletters.

The top 10 list for includes the following:

  1. Offer incentives; such as a whitepaper for download or run a competition.
  2. Remind existing subscribers to “forward to a friend”. 65% of newsletter subscribers take it upon themselves to forward to a friend; this is the ultimate referral and it doesn’t hurt to invite them to do this.
  3. Advertise, both offline, online and anywhere else you can promote the newsletter. Don’t forget to include a sign up process, such as a link or email address that allows people to sign up.
  4. Events. Webinars, tradeshows or conventions; capture peoples permission to keep communicating with them by email.
  5. Take advantage of networking. If it’s a person-to-person event, make sure to get their permission and opt them into your newsletter. For online opportunities such as discussion forums, LinkedIn and other similar sites can embed a link in your profile.
  6. Put a link to your sign up page in your email signature file.
  7. Feature a link to the newsletter in your business card.
  8. Post your newsletter in your social networks, where there is a good chance of reaching people who are not subscribers and who will sign up.
  9. Give your readers the tools to share your newsletter to their own social networks, again reaching potential new subscribers.
  10. Make sure the opt-in form to your newsletter is featured prominently on your website, your newsletter and on your social networks.

Newsweaver is very happy to release the top 10 list as it highlights that users of a Newsweaver system have the ability to craft their own subscribe box with fields of their choice.

These fields of choice can then be used to capture new subscribers or have existing subscribers update their preferences. No HTML or IT skills are needed to design the opt-in form and the Newsweaver system automatically generates the HTML code. The benefit of a subscribe form is that it feeds the data directly into the users Newsweaver account automatically.
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About Newsweaver    
Newsweaver is an email marketing software provider that enables more than 1,000 organisations in 26 countries to create, deliver and track meaningful email campaigns. Our customers use our technology to create email campaigns that will give them higher levels of engagement with their audiences than any other system in the industry today. The key benefit experienced by our customers is deeper customer insight. This results in higher levels of revenue and increased customer loyalty. With Newsweaver as an Email Software Partner, organisations can enjoy

  • Advanced personalization
  • AB Split Testing
  • Dynamic Content
  • Social Media and CRM integrations
  • Microsite Technology which support SEO efforts
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Activity-based Segmentation

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