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Cork, Ireland, 20th January, 2012 — Newsweaver, the leading email newsletter software provider has just released an “Email marketing – 5 essentials list” to show how B2B organisations can approve upon their email marketing success. The list was created by Newsweaver’s lead consultant denise cox who is a member of the DMA and a leading expert in in the field of email marketing.

1.    Streamline the process: Online newsletters banish the long lead times of print publications, but email marketers should take advantage of the approach print editors developed over the centuries to make their own regularly published email newsletter fairly pain free.
2.    Optimise engagement in your layout:  Email marketers need to ensure their email newsletter template is reader friendly. Make sure the design is clean and easy to navigate. Content should be easy to skim and the design should be consistent with company branding and the look and feel of the company website.
3.    Think beyond the written word: In today’s online world, content is the digital currency. When content gets shared you are reaching beyond the inbox by touching new readers – and possible subscribers. We live in a digital age and expect to select not only where we want to get content, but how we want to absorb it. When creating content, think beyond the written word.  While the ‘traditional’ written article still has a firm place in your online newsletter, you need to think about offering your content in other forms to increase your chances of engagement.
4.    The house list is at the core of your success:  A recently published MarketingSherpa chart offer interesting insight into what your peers in the industry are saying about various aspects of their email marketing efforts. This new chart shows what B2B Marketers are finding to be most effective tactics: Emailing to house lists is by far the most commonly used email marketing tactic, as nearly ALL of the B2B organisations participating in this year’s study indicated that they currently practice it. Past surveys have indicated that marketing to house lists get the best results.
5.    Use your metrics reports for business intelligence Marketers are beginning to look to click through rates as a more significant indicator of engagement than the ‘open’ rate. While the open rate on its own has never given the complete picture of engagement, it has up to now been the most popular benchmark of the success of a campaign. In the last several years, opens have become a less accurate measurement. If a reader opens the email, with images turned off, it doesn’t get counted as an open. But it will register as an open if the recipient goes on to click on a link in the email – or turns on images.
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About Newsweaver

Newsweaver is an email marketing software provider that enables more than 1,000 organisations in 26 countries to create, deliver and track meaningful email campaigns. Our customers use our technology to create email campaigns that will give them higher levels of engagement with their audiences than any other system in the industry today. The key benefit experienced by our customers is deeper customer insight. This results in higher levels of revenue and increased customer loyalty. With Newsweaver as an Email Software Partner, organisations can enjoy

  • Advanced personalization
  • AB Split Testing
  • Dynamic Content
  • Social Media and CRM integrations
  • Microsite Technology which support SEO efforts
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Activity-based Segmentation


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