Language functionality can increase engagement according to AMAS report

Cork, Ireland, 16th October, 2011 – More good news for Email Marketing software provider Newsweaver as the AMAS digital trending report finds that companies who do not communicate with customers in their own language can create a barrier to engagement.

One of the key finding of the report states that 90% of internet users only use websites in their own language while 49% feel they are missing out on valuable information if a website is not in their own language.

These findings support the importance of Newsweaver’s multi language feature which allows marketers engage their readers by sending emails in their own language increasing relevance and personalization.

All Newsweaver newsletters are encoded in UTF8 which allows us support newsletters in all languages.

Marketers who communicate with subscribers in their own language can increase engagement by acknowledging reader’s needs and making them feel they aren’t missing out on valuable information.

Denise Cox, Lead Consultant with Newsweaver states “These results are very encouraging for Newsweaver, it shows how valuable personalization is – but it’s important to note that the content must be professionally translated, otherwise this personalization option will backfire.

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