What is an Audience?

What is an Audience?

An Audience is a permission given to a group of People in order to let them receive the Emails you send from Newsweaver. Typically marketing teams send multiple emails and People can opt in or out of receiving them. In this case, Advanced Audience Management is used. Simple Audience Management, where only one audience is applied to all folders, is the default in Newsweaver.

Simple Audience Management:

You can send an email from any Folder to any active email addresses in your People.
People are either active (can be sent emails) or inactive (cannot be sent emails).

If your marketing team needs to manage more than one Audience, Advanced Audience Management might be a better fit, we call this “Audiences”. Audiences allow you to limit the access to Emails sent from a Folder to People assigned to the right Audience. You will need to contact ec@newsweaver.com to enable Advanced Audience Management.

Advanced Audience Management:

You need to Add People to an Audience in order for them to receive emails. (People must be added to at least 1 Audience)
Add an Audience to a Folder in order for People in an Audience to receive emails sent from that Folder.
People will only receive an email if they are in an Audience associated with a Folder.

A Folder can be associated with multiple Audiences.

People can unsubscribe or choose to stop receiving Newsweaver emails.

To Check What Audience Management is Enabled:
  1. Go to the People area and click Audiences.

    Note: If you do not see the Audiences option, you are using Simple Audience Management.

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