Tag People using a Metric Search

Tag People using a Metric Search

A Tag is a static group of people. Creating a Tag and applying it to your People allows you to send targeted communications. Unlike Saved Searches, which are dynamic and update based on up-to-date data, Tags are static and can be used to send communications based on criteria that’s not recorded within Newsweaver; for instance, all those who signed up while attending a marketing event

To Apply Tags to your People using a Metric Search:

  1. Run a Metric Search to target the People you’d like to apply a tag to.
  2. All the people matching your search criteria will be displayed on the results page. Use the tick box beside each email address to choose the ones you’d like to add to a tag.
  3. At the bottom of the results, click Tags.
  4. Select the Tags you wish to add to your People and click Save.

    Note: You can also remove tags from your People here.

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