Setting up Salesforce Sync

If you use Salesforce as your CRM system, you can use the Salesforce Sync feature to view and store Newsweaver reporting information(clicks and opens) within your Salesforce account. If you want to enable this feature, you will need to Link Newsweaver with your Salesforce account. Then use the instructions below to configure your Newsweaver account, you will also need to configure you Salesforce account.


To Set up Salesforce Sync (Newsweaver Account Administrator):

  1. Navigate to the ‘Admin’ drop-down and click ‘Account Settings’.
  2. In the Settings Screen, click ‘Setup Salesforce Sync’.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to link your Salesforce and Newsweaver accounts. You can Pause Salesforce Sync during the process.Note: You will also need to configure to configure you Salesforce account


How your Salesforce Account will appear after Salesforce Sync is Set Up:

  • Once the sync between Salesforce and Newsweaver is set up, custom objects are created in Salesforce to show details from Newsweaver reports.
  • You will need to contact your Salesforce Administrator to ensure that these custom objects are visible when viewing a contact or lead in Salesforce.
  • Once your Salesforce Administrator has added the Newsweaver Objects to the contact/lead view in Salesforce, you’ll see additional information panels when viewing any contact or lead in Salesforce.
  • The Newsweaver Email Activity panel will list all Newsweaver emails sent to the particular contact/lead you are viewing. It will also show whether or not each one was opened by the lead/contact, and the number of clicks on the email from that person.
  • The Newsweaver Email Activity panel will look something like:
  • An additional panel for Newsweaver Email Clicks can also be added. This panel will only be populated with information if the Level of Detail setting in your Newsweaver account is changed from Summary to Content Clicks.
  • The Newsweaver Email Clicks panel will look something like:

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