Run a People Search

Newsweaver’s People Search lets you identify customers based on data within the Newsweaver system. The search results can then be saved and used when sending your communications.

For instance, if you want to communicate to all customers in London, you can use a Search to locate all customers based in London. Then, save your search results as a Saved Search and use it to send. Saved Searches run in real time, ensuring you’re always communicating to an up-to-date list of people. Use the instructions below to run a People search.

Note: To identify People based on opens, clicks or survey responses, run a Metric Search.


To Run a People Search:

  1. In People, select Search.
  2. Choose your search criteria from the drop-downs and set your preference in the Show Only Active People checkbox. (Alternatively, load a saved search.)

    Note: Use the ‘+’ icon to add additional search criteria. You can run a search based on any of the categories of information listed below, or a combination of them. Just toggle the the 2nd box (‘Field’, above) and this will affect the type of information you look for:

    • Field: where all of the data you’ve imported into Newsweaver sits; for instance, city, email address, country, name etc.
    • System Attribute: allows you to search by different Newsweaver-based attributes; for instance, members of a particular Tag, the date people were imported into Newsweaver, or what publications they subscribe to (if you use subscriptions in your organisation).
    • Status: allows you to search for people based on whether they are active or inactive (as well as the reasons they’re inactive).
  1. Click Search to run your search.
  2. At the top you will see a summary of the search criteria (the field city, is London) and below it, the results.
  3. At the bottom of the screen, click Edit to edit/change your search criteria, or click Save Search to save your search as a saved search for future use.

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