Run a Metric Search

Newsweaver’s People Search lets you identify customers based on data (Country, Role, Business Unit) within the Newsweaver system. Metric Search lets you identify People based on reporting related data such as opens, clicks and survey results helping to make your search results more contextualised. Metric Search results can be tagged and used when sending your communications. Saved Searches are preferred when sending regularly to groups of People, as Metric Search results (e.g. People who did not open an email) are rarely used more than once, we recommend using Tags to group Metric Search results.

For instance, if you want to communicate with the customers who did not open your most recent Email, you can use Metric Search to locate them. Then, Tag your People in the search results and send to the Tag. Use the instructions below to run a Metric Search.


To Run a Metric Search:

  1. Navigate to Reports and select Metric Search.
  2. Choose your search criteria from the drop-downs and set your preference in the Show Only Active People checkbox.

    Note: Use the ‘+’ icon to add additional search criteria. You can run a search based on any of the categories of information listed below, or a combination of them, just toggle the the 2nd box (‘Metric’, above) and this will affect the type of subscriber information you look for:

    • Metric: allows you to search for people based on particular metrics within Newsweaver Reports; for instance, who clicked a specific article, or who opened a specific number of emails in a chosen date range. Perhaps you would like to resend to People who did not open your last communication
    • Survey Response: allows you to search for subscribers based on who participated in a particular survey and/or the specific response they gave in that survey.
  1. Click Search to run your search.
  2. At the top you will see a summary of the search criteria and below it, the results.
  3. At the bottom of the screen, click Edit to edit/change your search criteria.
  4. You can Tag your People here if you’d like to use the results for a send or to combine these results with a People Search.

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