Resize an Image

Newsweaver’s in-built Image Editor allows you to easily Crop, Rotate or Flip or Add Alt Text to images within your communications. Every time you add an image to one of your articles, you can open Image Editor by clicking the pencil icon, allowing you to adjust the image before it’s physically added to your article.

You do not need to resize images that are added to an image placeholder. These will be automatically resized to fit your template. You will only need to resize images that have been added to content using the Insert/Edit Image icon in the editing toolbar.

Use the instructions below to resize an image.

To Resize your Image:

  1. When you add an image, in the Image Editor, click Resize.
  2. You can resize your image by changing the Width and Height fields. By default the Width and Height will be constrained to the same proportions; if you change the Width the Height will automatically resize with it and vice versa. To resize the values separately select the lock icon in between the values. Click the Check icon to set the new values.
  3. Select Done to save the resized image.
    Note: You can also select Reset to undo the Resize.
  4. When you Add an Image within the Content Editor you can also manually change the size by selecting the image and dragging the corners to scale your image to the desired size.

    Note: Images added to the content editor will automatically be resized to 600px.

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