Remove People In Bulk

You may receive requests to remove a contact, or perhaps you’re completing a data cleanup. You can Remove People in Newsweaver or remove People in bulk using one of the methods below.

Note: To clean up your data, you should run a Metric Search to find people that have not opened at least 1 email in the last 12 emails (depending on frequency of sends), then Tag the people to find them later.

To Remove People in Bulk using a Search:

  1. Run a Search to target the People you’d like to deactivate.
  2. When viewing your list of People, use the check boxes to choose those you’d like to remove, then click Fields.
  3. Choose the field Status and set it to Inactive, then click Save.
  4. The People will be removed and will no longer appear in your search results.

Note: You can Reactivate People after they’ve been removed.

To Remove People in Bulk using an Import:

  1. Prepare the spreadsheet containing the People you’d like to remove.

    Note: To remove a person you will need their Email Address, the Status and the Inactive Reason, as above.
  2. Manually Import in Bulk.
  3. After a successful update, the People will be inactive.

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